What is Horse Quencher?

Horse Quencher is a mix of all natural grains and flavorings that, when added to water, make horses eagerly drink. You’ll find Horse Quencher especially helpful for travel, competitions, cold weather and illnesses. It's also great to pair with electrolytes to aid in recovery after exercise. It’s made of all natural ingredients found in most horse feeds, so you can be sure Horse Quencher is safe for competition.

Product Sizes

Horse Quencher Single Serve Pouches

Horse Quencher® 2.3 oz Single Serve Pouch


Apple, Butterscotch, Peppermint, Root Beer


Horse Quencher® 3.5 lbs Bag


Apple, Butterscotch, Peppermint, Root Beer


Horse Quencher® 13 lbs Pail


Apple, Butterscotch, Peppermint, Root Beer

A loyal customer base

What Our Customers Say


I gave my not-so-little buddy, McFlurry his first taste of the Apple version of Horse Quencher after a vigorous workout in the ring. I wasn’t all that surprised when he dunked his snout into the bucket and began to slurp, but when he kept on drinking and drinking — and then when he finally lifted his head from the bucket, gave me a smile as I stood in the aisle, and proceeded to drip all over me — I knew (as they used to say at the state carnivals by the games), “We have a winner!” This may have been my and McFlurry’s first experience with Horse Quencher, but trust me, it won’t be the last.


Ruth McCormick

Amazing Product

He just loves it and will take his time but will happily drink at least one bucket and begs for more! Thank you Horse Quencher, I can confidently compete the whole day without the horrid worry of dehydration! My only concern...can they have too much???!!


Anne Moss

Thank Goodness for Horse Quencher

I have a young Thoroughbred mare that stops drinking with the change of seasons. Once we have snow pack and the water buckets start getting heated…she stops drinking and minor colic like symptoms start. After having her scoped for ulcers we discovered that was an issue. Since fluids are important, and especially with stomach ulcers, I had to figure out a way to get her drinking more during these crucial times. Thank goodness for Horse Quencher! She loves, actually demands it. Once the crucial times are over, and we start weaning her off it, she will bat her water bucket with her hoof. She knows it’s gone! It’s that good and it really helps.


Michele Parker

Does What it Says

Finally a product that does what it says! I had my pregnant mare at an equine event and she didn’t take a drink for over 4 hours and I was thinking I was going to have to pick up and leave. I had tried all the tricks, change places for the water, how high up it was, how cold it was, I even put hay in it to see. Nothing worked. One of the groups that was there was Horse Quencher. I ask to try their product. I put it in the water and within 2 sec she was pushing me out of the way to get at the water. She drank the whole bucket and clean the bottom out too! WOW in 30 years of doing horses I have NEVER seen anything like it!


MaryAnn Riess

We love it!

Our ponies and horses must be fit and ready to go for competition. We do a lot of traveling with horses and ponies and struggle to get them to drink during the long rides, and when they arrive at a new place. After we found out about Horse Quencher, our drinking problems stopped. Not only did we use it for our ponies, but the word started to spread and everyone around ask for some. We, of course, shared our bucket and had every pony/horse drinking within minutes. We have also used this product for our sick horses. We love it, and feel that our ponies benefit from your product.


Annapolis Pony Club


How To Get Your Horse To Drink

Is Horse Quencher safe to use with my pregnant mare?

Horse Quencher was developed by one of our partners because her pregnant mare would not drink water. It is made up of all natural ingredients that are already in a horse’s diet and is a safe way to hydrate the pregnant mare. We always recommend checking with your veterinarian if you have any special concerns about using Horse Quencher.

How often can I use Horse Quencher?

Many of our customers use a gallon of Horse Quencher every day to help maintain their horses’ hydration.

Can I add Horse Quencher to my horse's regular feed to make him drink more?

Horse Quencher is designed to be mixed with water; however, some veterinarians suggest adding a scoop to the horse’s feed if they resist the water mixture. After horses get used to it, they usually will enjoy Horse Quencher mixed in their water.

Can I use Horse Quencher as a treat?

Yes. We encourage you to mix Horse Quencher into your horse’s water as a treat. That way he will be used to it and when you need him to get hydrated right away, he will drink!

What is the shelf life of Horse Quencher?

We recommend that you use the contents within one year after opening. Storing in a cool, dry place increases the shelf life.

I have an IR (Insulin Resistant) horse, can I use Horse Quencher?

We always tell our customers to check with their veterinarian first for the best advice. The molasses content of Horse Quencher is 12%.

My horses fight over Horse Quencher, any suggestions?

Offering separate buckets of Horse Quencher for each horse usually helps. Securing the bucket to the fence also helps so they don’t kick over the bucket while trying to get to the bottom!

Should I mix Horse Quencher in warm water or cold?

We recommend warm water in the winter, especially on cold winter mornings. Your horses will really love it. Otherwise cool water is fine.

All of my horses LOVE Horse Quencher and lick the bucket absolutely clean, but I have one horse that won't try it, what can I do?

You can try scooping up the heavier grains that have settled at the bottom of the bucket and give them to the horse; often the horse will then understand that the treat at the bottom is worth drinking the entire bucket of water! Letting the bucket of Horse Quencher steep for awhile also helps enhance the flavors for the resistant horse. Making the Horse Quencher stronger at first; put in 3/4 cup or an entire cup and then let it sit for awhile before offering it to the horse.

Is it safe for sheep to consume Horse Quencher?

Horse feeds have been created with unique dietary needs in mind for horses and can have additives that are fatal to sheep if consumed. For this reason, we recommend that sheep should under no circumstance be given Horse Quencher, as it is designed for horses.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the dietary needs of your sheep, you should contact your veterinarian for more information.